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How does Outpay make money if they don’t charge restaurants or sell data?

Outpay is paid by POS companies and payment processors to provide modern payment solutions to delight and retain their merchants. 

The happier their merchants,
the less likely they’ll leave them.

Times have changed, but you don’t need to sacrifice service quality.

Say NO to:

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    Guests ordering from phones

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    Paper receipts & reconciling tips

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    Passing bills back-and-forth

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    Handling credit cards & billfolds

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    Expensive handheld POS licenses

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    Ugly paper QR codes

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    Walkouts, disputes & chargebacks

Say YES to:

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    Guests ordering face-to-face

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    Guest receipts emailed instantly

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    Free POS handhelds (if you want them)

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    Guaranteed payment

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    Next day payouts

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    Better server tips

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    Doing more with less

How it works...

All steps of service remain intact

But when guests are ready for the bill, one of them simply taps their phone against their server’s free order & pay POS handheld.

As soon as a guest taps to accept the check, payment is guaranteed. Your server is freed up to focus on other tables while guests view, split and pay the bill on their own.

1. Open Tab

Guest taps or scans to open their tab in your POS with secured credit card

2. Order

Guest orders face-to-face with their bartender or server. As the bartender enters the guests order in the POS, the guest sees their items appear on their phone.

3. Pay

Guests pay or split the bill with friends - through Outpay or with cash, credit card or room charge. As soon as they’re on Outpay, their tab is guaranteed against walkouts. When guests walk out, their tab is paid and closed, with 20% tip included.

Outpay helps you and your staff do more with less.

Emerging from COVID-19, guests have become more tech savvy, wages have risen and staffing is more difficult. Restaurants must be equipped to confront this "new normal" profitably. Outpay cuts out the 15 minutes servers waste dropping checks, collecting payment, closing tabs and reconciling tips.

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Outpay pays for your POS handhelds

POS companies charge thousands of dollars upfront and hundreds of dollars per month for you to equip your business with the new tools you need. Outpay has partnerships with POS providers to provide solutions at scale. Use our service, and all that cool hardware is included.

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Outpay lets any F&B outlet take proactive safety measures. All while keeping traditional service intact.

Eliminate paper menu cost and waste. Guests can view menus, open, split and pay checks without handling paper menus, cash, cards, receipts, pens or payment equipment.

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Get to know your customers. All of them.

Get validated names, emails and spend data for every single guest transaction to grow your customer list. This data is yours - not ours - and is never sold or shared with anyone else.

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Let Outpay handle the payments so you can…

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Delight guests with better, faster service

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Keep servers table-side, focused on up-selling

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Keep bartenders pouring drinks

If you're ever not happy with Outpay, just turn it off. No hard feelings.